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My style is very polished and my focus is always on flattery. I also draw inspiration from magazine style photography while capturing people in a photojournalistic and emotive way. 

For every couple interested in booking with me I offer a complimentary pre wedding session. I know it can be difficult to find someone whose work you love and who you can rely on to have the expertise necessary to make your wedding day as effortless as possible. This way you get to see me work and get some beautiful images before you actually book me as your wedding photographer. 


Having previously practised film as well as digital photography in a number of fields from photojournalism to fashion and studio portraiture, I have been able to apply techniques from every category to my wedding photography.  

I have been formally trained with a Bachelor of Creative Industries Majoring in Photo-media, with over 8 years experience in the photography industry.  

I work as a photographer full time, in a portrait studio as a creative director training other photographers, as well as freelancing in the fashion and beauty industry. But the most rewarding work for me is sharing the most important day in your life, your wedding.  I love capturing true emotions and this is why wedding photography appeals to me so much. Extremely professional I perform every job to client satisfaction with cutting edge creativity. 

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